Training & mentoring coaches to develop world class skills and run amazing and profitable coaching businesses 

Founded by the UK's leading coach trainers & mentors Tony & Nicki Vee

Here's what we do...

Train the 
Powerful V Coaching Strategy

We developed and train people to use the unique, cutting edge 'V Coaching Strategy.' It get's amazing results for clients and also helps coaches to sell coaching elegantly. 

Cover the complete coaching journey 

We offer a complete 'top to tail' package that will take you from a novice to a master coach. This includes 2 day foundational training's, 5 day accreditation training's and further 'cpd' modules.

Assist you in building a thriving coaching business

We provide training at every level on attracting and converting clients as well as essential modern marketing skills to help get you noticed in the market place.

Do you want to find out how YOU can start your coaching journey with us?

"Practical, Fun & Focused On No-Nonsense Results"

Our training's are focused on helping you create a brighter future as a fully trained and in-demand coach. We assist you in developing powerful skills as well as full knowledge on how to attract and convert paying clients.

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